AMA: How to Successfully Transition from Cloud Computing, Client/Server Technology and Financial System v1.0 to Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Fintech and Finanicial System v2.0

Michael Stollaire (Diamond)
Nov 8, 2017

Please join me for my first AMA, to discuss the Blockchain Bulldozer on the horizon, on its inexorable journey towards us, and how I personally got BEHIND it in a proactive fashion. It's time to embrace change. Don't fear it. If you currently live in the now-legacy world of Cloud Computing, Client/Server Technology and Financial System v1.0, let's talk about how you can race towards the future of Blockchain.

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Official Websites: http://www.ehiinsm.com and http://www.tbis.io https://www.facebook.com/michael.stollaire.92

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