Computer Geek, IT specialist, Tech Savvy, Computer Buster, Computer Nerd, Computer Hacker... Call me names! Yes I am! Very proud. #AMA if you want to know more.

Alicia Meneses
Aug 11, 2017

I have been using computers and PC for 2 decades and this tech has been making my life easier and beautiful. I many not talk perfect English because I am half Spanish, I am one heck of a computer book!!!!! #AMA NOW!!!

Let's start basic and let me share

Change DNS to Goodle DNS - we all want a faster connections right? Cut the crap and change it NOW!

Downloading Hack - Remove ads from uTtorent and BitTorent

Shorcuts - I bet you can only name few

For a faster PC - clean up this mess. delete and delete

Slow poke connection? - then someone may be stealing all your data. catch the culprit!

One of the best MultiMedia player for Windows PC - Kodi

CCleaner - your solution for a faster PC

You want more? #AMA now! Ill teach you and share everything to you! Godbless all

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