Hello Friends , Myself (Bharati Madhyan) , M.D. of ISHWAR COMPUTER INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (I.C.C.I.T) , Programmer and Software Developer . If you are searching the best Institutions for Languages , Software Developing and Academic Subjects(IGNOU, MCRPSV and so on), Join here with best faculty . And any question related to this, Ask Me Anything....

Bharati Madhyan
Sep 12, 2017

I am Completed my Post Graduation from IGNOU. Four years of education has honed my knowledge and skills in different system platforms like C# programming for Web and Application Development along with MYSQL for the back-end platforms. And also Three year experience in Training Department in Academic Subjects and Software Developing with Hyptia Software Solution PVT.LTD.

Currently I am running an Institutions as a M.D along with skills related to Languages and Software Development. Using this experience, I assure my Students and employer that I indeed provide quality and reliable services for projects of different tasks within the target deadline.



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