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Isaiah Andrew
Oct 20, 2017

Hello Everyone

As part of our university project we came with an idea of a health-based initiative and expand it on a Large scale, as it's known one of the most critical needs today is access to good health care.

Billions around the world, particularly around the african continent struggle because they don't have and get proper access to healthcare experience. wehave apps that let us book movie tickets and even find nice restaurants.However finding doctors is unbelievably hard. Patient records aren't maintained in digital systems and if they are most times aren't accessible.

It's accompanied by an app which will help patients get help and medical care in an instant manner and integrates a USSD system for remote areas with no internet connection.

Health-based initiatives and startups can address alot of issues plaguing instant access to health care in Africa.

Healthcare is undergoing a major change and smartphones will be a big help in health related problems.

help us with funding this project any amount will help. Link below

Isaiah Andrew says:

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