Hey! I'm Sarah Doody a UX Design Consultant and Entrepreneur. I love helping people learn about UX, whether it's UX folks or people who have an and want to launch that first version of their product. I've worked at big companies, startups, and now on my own for the last 5 years. Ask me anything!

Sarah Doody (Gold)
Nov 8, 2017

I'm the founder of The UX Notebook. It's an education company that wants to help people learn to think like a designer. I do this through a weekly UX newsletter as well as online courses.

Have a question about your UX career? Wondering how to do user research? Need help with a part of your UX?

You can connect with me on Twitter @sarahdoody, join my UX Tribe on Facebook, watch out my UX videos on YouTube, or check out my website.

Ok let’s get this started! Ask Me Anything about User Experience and I’ll do my best to get you an answer or advice.

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