Hi! I'm Paul - CEO of Cushion. AMA about how our service fights your bank fees & interest charges automatically - a $200+ Billion problem in the U.S.

Paul Kesserwani (Platinum)
Oct 11, 2017


Americans spend too much of their hard-earned money on pesky bank fees and credit card interest charges. Over $200 Billion each year 😳

Excessive activity fees, inactivity fees, ATM fees, late fees, service fees... There's a fee for everything!

At Cushion, we're focused on helping consumers (yes, that's you 😀) safeguard their money. Our first offering is a Facebook Messenger bot (currently in BETA) that disputes your bank fees for you.

It's as easy as.. 

  1. Securely connecting your bank
  2. Within seconds we'll notify you of any fees
  3. With your permission, Cushion's bot (Fee Fighter) contacts the bank to dispute the charges & get your money back

What makes Cushion unique is that unlike other personal finance services that notify you of a fee and tell you to resolve it, Fee Fighter takes care of the problem for you.

No other service like this exists, so AMA and don't forget to request an invite at https://cushion.ai!

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