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Moby Lazaro
Aug 13, 2017

I will make this very simple. Common thing we do with Photoshop.

Usually if we have clients they ask me to do these things.

Create A Simple Lomo Photo Effect


1. Open the texture and rasterize it. Go Edit>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation and desaturate the photo. Then hit Ctrl+L (Levels) and increase the contrast a bit. Finally, go Edit>Define Pattern and hit OK.

2. Open the photo (house) and rasterize it. If you can't find the Actions panel, go Window>Actions (Alt+F9) and you'll see it appear next to the History tab. Click on the Create new Set and the Create new Action icons. Once you click the Create new Action you'll see that the small circle turns red. This means that from now on every change or effect will be recorded. If you want to pause it simply press on the Stop icon (to resume press on the Record icon again).

3. Now that Photoshop's recording the action, go Image>Image Size and set 520 px for width. Then apply the following styles to your photo (Inner Glow's color: #3496bb).

4. Click on the Create new Fill or Adjustment Layer icon and select the Solid Color. Pick #ada58a and change the Blend Mode to Color.

5. Add another Solid Color layer and fill it with #cb6586. Change the Blend Mode to Exclusion and lower the Fill (or Opacity) to 30%.

6. Merge these three layers and on the new one apply these styles.

7. Add a Solid Color layer and fill it with black (#000000). Change the Blend Mode to Color and lower the Fill to 20%.

8. Press on the Pause icon to stop recording the Action. That's it. Your action is now ready. Load any photo you want and simply press the Play icon (make sure the background layer is unlocked). Add any effects you want to make it even better.


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