I am the CEO and Co-Founder of Soundbrenner. The creator of the world's first wearable for musicians -The Soundbrenner Pulse. Ask Me Anything!

Florian Simmendinger πŸš€ (Diamond)
Sep 13, 2017

I am the Co-Founder and CEO of the startup company Soundbrenner. Β The company was created with the goal to make the advancements in design and technology of the last decade available to musicians. Our goal is to give musicians the best tools possible to master the craft of music.Β 

Our first product is all about rhythm. Rhythm is the life blood of music, but no one is born with the ability to play on the beat everytime. Β Despite it's enormous benefits, rhythm practice is neglected by many due to the the fact that tools linked to rhythm practice are largely outdated and intrusive.

We set out to create a metronome that musicians actually love using. A wearable, intelligent and vibrating metronome that works with a companion metronome app. Rather than listening to the beat with a click, you can literally feel the beat with it.

We started off by raising over $250,000 USD through Indiegogo in 2015. Today, we've raised over 2 million in investment and have over 100,000 monthly active users of our app. The Soundbrenner Pulse is sold in over 30 countries and available in over 500 retail stores.

I started Soundbrenner straight after graduating from university in Germany. During the course of building the company I had to move to Asia (living in Hong Kong today) and learn about a thousand fields I had previously no clue about.

Check out SoundbrennersΒ Website, Twitter andΒ Facebook.

Here is my private Twitter.

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