I am the creator of the Full HD 3D Lion 1918 Cellphone and also the bluetooth 3D Audio headset - (BƎ) the Bolton Effect! Ask me Anything!!!

Antonio Henry
Nov 12, 2017

I have created a new Full HD 3D Cellphone. As shown on my website http//www.lionuniverse.com the product is  composed of being able to view true high def 3D on our phone. This phone feature is composed of hardware and is Android based. We were featured as one the top 3 cell phones on abc7 news (San Francisco) in the convention next to Apple and Samsung during the Mobile World Congress Americas in San Francisco. 

As part of my exclusive product line, I have the Bolton Effect () 3D sounds. You have never heard anything so live before in a portable headset. The sounds transends you directly in to the concert. 

It Is also WaterProof! Yes, Water Proof and you will still get this amazing sound! 

Other features includes: a Pedimeter for those who workout, a 8gb MP3 player that holds up to 2000 songs on ther device,, a voice recorder, up to 7 Hours Talk Time, up too 85hours of standby time, and with a 2 hour charge.

Which is also a pedimeter, Mp3 player built in and also sound recorder.

I am also developing more unique products to come.

Ask me Anything!!!

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