I write tutorials with tips and tricks for Web development. Ask me Anything

Mir Ashraf Ali Palash
Jul 15, 2017

Hi I am mir Ashraf Ali . I am an Expert Web Developer . Working with Fornt End Web Development and Backend Development . I will write utorials with tips and tricks for Web development. Ask me Anything if you need . 

Today I will share a tips it,s help you to add CSS Prefixes ,Psudo Elements , Opacity , CSS Filters , IE Feltres , Group media queries. You just write simple code and the system automedic do all for you. It will be very much helpfull to make a website crossbrowser supported with in a moment .

Please open this link  http://pleeease.io/play/. Put your simple source code and  see result.

I am giving you a example :

Your Sample code:

.a { display: flex; background: linear-gradient(red, green);}

Pleeease.Io will make your code:

.a { display: -webkit-box; display: -ms-flexbox; display: flex; background: -webkit-linear-gradient(red, green); background: linear-gradient(red, green);}

I think this tips and tricks will help you to write code more quickly . Please Ask me anything if you need to know.Thanks.

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