👋 I'm Alex, a 14 y/o iOS Developer from Ireland. Ask me about my news app with a twist, Swiipe, and how I gained over 900 upvotes on ProductHunt. AMA

Alex Goodison
Sep 12, 2017

Hi, I'm Alex and for my 13 weeks of holidays in the summer, I built Swiipe. I have always wanted to make a news app, but it HAD to be different. As time progresses, I see that my generation's attention span is shortening and if greeted by a long article of text most teenagers will turn away. This is why it has to be a new experience. It had to be fun, it had to be interactive and it had to get them coming back repeatedly. (Hopefully, I have achieved that) Swiipe isn't just a news app for teenagers, I hope that it is a news app for everyone and that everyone can use it. How it works is simple: Swipe left to dismiss the article, right to save the article for later and tap the image to view the article.

Last Saturday, I submitted Swiipe to Product Hunt with the hope of ~70 upvotes. After getting 2 in the first hour, I contacted Product Hunt themselves to take Swiipe off of the website. Luckily, they told me that it would be on the front page the next day and 'would I really want to take it down?' And sure thing, the next day I was there on the front page. As of Saturday 10th, I have 900+ upvotes on Swiipe and I was the most upvoted product the day I was featured. Without Product Hunt my life wouldn't have been crazy all week long, but I've enjoyed it.

Product Hunt: goo.gl/SwgVB2

App Store: apple.co/2wv0Ex4 

I welcome any questions about Swiipe, my life or anything you can think of. Thank You 👍

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