I'm Shiwantha who is a web based test automation consultant. I have developed a data driven automation framework using Selenium and TestNG which can be used to automate any current web application. Feel free to AMA on the framework

Shiwantha lakmal
Dec 6, 2017

Hi, I am Shiwantha, who is a web based test automation consultant with an industry level experience of more than 4 years now. I have built a more generic data driven software testing framework using Selenium, TestNG and Apache POI which allows users to automate any web related application without even knowing the inner framework features. From now on, you don’t need to be a software developer to write automations code. Simply you don’t need to worry about programming language and other technical stuffs when writing the automation program, because the developed framework will manage everything for you. Even a non-technical person can use the framework and write automation test cases without an issue. Feel free to ask me anything on this framework and its usage.

Please find the implemented framework here (GIthub URL)

High-level framework diagram details are attached below.

gmail - shiwanthazone24x7@gmail.com


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