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Aug 12, 2017

Computer hardware- In a word, all internal and external devices, including computer input devices and output divisions, are called computer hardware together.

Computer Hardware & Troubleshooting-

The compiler's display is not coming, if the power is on, the monitor meets or meets the power but nothing can be seen. Solution - The main problem may be the AGP card, if not the APP card, the motherboard built in AGP port. If there is an AGP card or PCI express card, then open it first and test it on another pc. If it is good then RAM should be checked, beep if RAM problem is available. After testing RAM, the processor will not be tested either. Last time the motherboard should be tested. However, you can also be sure that your power supply is working properly before that. In this way, it will be possible to find out the main problem through all the tests.

Computer windows are not open Restart before the desktop arrives. The solution to the main problem is missing the operating system files for no reason. In this case, it is repeatedly restarted. For this, you need to resolve with a new setup or a repair in the US.

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