iPhone lovers rejoice! We finally get the back button...and more! Come join the Nombiss AMA on the Intelli+ Smart Screen Protector!

Dec 6, 2017

Hi all, this is Rahul & Jay, co-founders of Nombiss. We're a tech company focused on making products that make your mobile devices and other tech more accessible. 

We've recently launched our first campaign, the Intelli+, a smart screen protector for the iPhone8/8+, all the way to the 6 series. It features 2 built-in buttons, that remap the top of your screen to easy to use buttons on either side of the home button. 

Our aim is to help every iPhone user get the most out of their device. Whether that be opening up the choice of any size iPhone for any size hand or just a more enjoyable and natural iPhone navigation experience. 

Here is a review by the youtube channel UnboxTherapy

Who will gain the most out of our AMA?

1. Those intersted in the Intelli+, our mission, what makes us different than our competitors.

2. Kickstarter campaign questions, our experience, how we got the word out.

3. How to take an idea and bring it to market.

4. Any question you're interested in asking.

Getting in touch with us

Kickstarter.com/nombiss          Press Kit

Facebook.com/nombiss           Twitter: @nombissco

Rahul's contact                              Jay's Contact

rahul@nombiss.com                   jay@nombiss.com

@rahulmohanmd                        @formatguardian

Nombiss says:

This AMA will end Dec 13, 2017 11AM EST

Update (Dec 7, 1:45PM EST):

Nombiss says:

Thanks for all the interest. We'll continue to answer questions as they come 

We also want to take a minute to announce a bit of a Rebranding. Over the last few days you may have notice a change in our name. We've decided to rebrand our smart screen protector as Intelli+

Same product, cooler name. If you have any questions about it, we will do our best to answer them!

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