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Isabella Calumpang
Aug 12, 2017

For 2 year of my life, I have worked hard to become an effective teacher, Information Technology teacher.

I met different types of students but nothing really matters because when you love what you do, it's all that matters.

So, at School, we follow certain Lesson Plan for the day. But here I ani't following any.

Let me start from easy ones to kinda complicted ones.

a. Basic Computer

A machine that carries out arbitrary sequences of both arithmetic or logical operations and happens to perform automatically. Programs are what they call the set of operations that make a computer function.

A computer is made up of................

Here is a good example of a blog that explains the Pros and Cons of using a computer. very nice to read!!

check the link please https://www.techwalla.com/articles/pros-cons-of-the-use-of-computers

b. Top 10 Different tools and apps found in a computer

Well, there are apps and tools that are already built in when buying a computer set. These are most likely the basic tools that every person needs to operate.

Basic ones include:

1. Antivirus - to safeguard them from harmful threats, trojans, malware, spyware etc.

2. VLC Media/Windows Media Player - commonly used to watch movies and listen to songs.

3. Adobe Flash Player - a must software to watch flash videos on your computer.

4. Notepad - important tool, a text editor

5. Internet Download Manager/uTtorrent - mainly for downloading files, movies etc.

6. Malware Bytes - quarantines and removes malicious and infected files on your PC

7. Microsoft Office - includes Word, Excel, Pdf, Powerpoint for files and document editing and creation

8. Registry Cleaner/Tune up utilities - an all-in-one software which cleans registry errors and junk files from your PC and makes your PC run fast.

9. Firefox Mozilla and Google Chrome - top browser I can recommend

10. Adobe Reader - to read ebooks and pdf documents

There are also apps and softwares that are likely donwloaded because users require to or is highly needed and necessry to perform specific tasks.

1. Photoshop - photo editing tool

2. Team Viewer - allows remote desktop viewing

3. Folder Lock - allows you to store all you files with a protected password.

4. VPN - surf anonymously on the web

5. VMWare Workstation - helps us in installing multiple Operating Systems over one single Operating System

c. Computer Hacks - I am sharing you a blog that I have been using since in terms of computer hacks. Worth the ready. You sure will be amaxed ho they work.

check it out http://www.prophethacker.com/2016/01/100-window-computer-tricks-hacks-pc.html

I still have a lot to share. But you can always ask me anything! Happy reading!

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