Dec 21, 2017

Universities spend millions on accessing results of publicly funded research. Why? How do we save money and improve access? AMA

Dec 16, 2017

I created a mobile game company that donates to fight hunger for every minute users play our games. AMA.

Dec 16, 2017

I am a serial social entrepreneur who now teaches storytelling to students in developing countries and amplifies their voices in printed storybooks. The sales of those storybooks sustainably funds future workshops. AMA!

Dec 14, 2017

I am a 23 year old automation engineer - AMA!

Dec 22, 2017

My name is Miguel Piedrafita. I am a 15-year old who has been doing open source work for more than 3 years. AMA

Dec 14, 2017

Front-End and Back-End: Which is More Important? Have It Explained by an IT Professional in This New AMA Event

Dec 14, 2017

Science AMA Series: I research new hardware and technology for internet communications and optical computers, I'm Daniel Blumenthal, AMA!

Dec 15, 2017

I'm a travel blogger that started travelling at the age of 19, visited 31 countries on my own, without any sponsors. Ask me anything

Dec 15, 2017

Ask me anything I am Electrical Engineer

Dec 18, 2017

Cannabis ( Tech, Tools and Investing). AMA related to our Industry, 6 + yrs experience.

Dec 14, 2017

AMA - How to get a career in digital technology

Dec 13, 2017

My name is Mohamad Tayba, I’m Alliant Credit Union’s Fraud Manager. Looking for ways to keep yourself safe from scams, hacks and fraudsters this holiday season and throughout the year? AMA

Hi I'm John Mercado and I am a Developer, AMA

Dec 16, 2017

Interested in Bitcoin and blockchain? My name is Navroop Sahdev. I am here to help you understand, build and deploy blockchain technologies. Ask me anything!

Dec 12, 2017

I’m 21 and I have only just realised the difference between Software and Hardware. AMA.

Dec 12, 2017

IamA Serial Entrepreneur who has worked in many different tech fields including Video Games, Televised Poker, Web Development and now Blockchain. AMA!

Dec 12, 2017

I developed a reliable algorithm to assess objective beauty. Want ratings? AMA

Dec 12, 2017

IAmA junior in high school, and I get, on average, 15 hours of sleep Monday-Friday (horrid, I know). I’m from South Florida, and I’m enrolled in my school’s Engineering program with all the AP/Hono...

Dec 13, 2017

I’m a self-taught coder from Italy creating a tool that hunts trendy e-commerce products and tracks real-time store sales. AMA.

The Melodious Life Hack: This AMA Event Reveals More Uses of Music Than Entertainment

My name is Saasha Celestial-One, and I'm the co-founder of OLIO, the world's only mobile P2P food sharing app connecting neighbours to stop good food from going to waste. Go on, Ask Me Anything.

AMA- Front End is as important as Back End Development.

illustrator, storyboard artist, character concept artist and visual development artist, Ask Me Anything

Dec 11, 2017

Science AMA Series: I spent the last year investigating the potential of carbon-capture technology (or “clean coal”) to mitigate climate change. Ask me anything!

AMA on data-driven digital business & marketing operations regarding your Branding, Acquisition & Retention

Dec 11, 2017

I attended a summer program at the Juilliard School this past summer. AMA

I'm Dee, CEO & creator of 'Erase All Kittens', the first game designed to inspire young children - especially girls - to code, whilst teaching real digital skills. Ask me anything!

Dec 10, 2017

I am Avi Cohen, Co-Founder and CEO of The Floor, a global Financial Technology innovation center. Ask me anything!

Dec 10, 2017

I run one of the largest independent music blogs in the world. Ask Me Anything!

Dec 11, 2017

ICOs and Token Sales: The hottest trend in alternative Investing #AMA

Dec 9, 2017

My name is Udaweriya and I am a network system QA engineer. My team is fully responsible for identifying defects in designing, installing and maintaining the networks at the office. AMA on how to main an efficient and robust networking system with minimum failures.

Dec 13, 2017

I'm the founder of CareerCombo - a search engine that helps people find careers that combine their different passions. Ask Me Anything!

Hey everyone I'm Gerald! Welcome to my AMA. I'm an artist born in DC but raised in Maryland. I've been drawing since kindergarten and always had the dream of creating comics, cartoons, and movies. Comics is where I'll start. I've always been filled with ideas just too little time to develop them. With being a school teacher it gets hard trying balance your passion with your job or career. My goal for my company is to become self-reliant while being 100% entertaining by selling fun, engaging comics, and hosting sip and paints.

Dec 15, 2017

Learn how TEALS Volunteers help bring computer science to high schools. Ask Me Anything.

Dec 8, 2017

I am Greg Salazar, Tech YouTuber with 315k+ YT subscribers, AMA!

Dec 8, 2017

I am a Physics graduate, Software engineer and now a solo game developer. Currently working on a FPS rouge-lite. Ask me anything.

Dec 7, 2017

We’re 3 roboticists at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, here to answer questions about programming as part of the #HourOfCode and Computer Science Education Week. Ask us anyt...

Dec 10, 2017

I'm creating an experimental cryptocurrency hip hop beat boxing artist. Cryptolicious lyrics. AMA

Dec 6, 2017

IamA Developer of a popular torrent app AMA!

Indy Mac Software Developer, working on the road from beautiful sunny Vancouver. AMA!

Dec 6, 2017

Science AMA Series: I’m Sara Pozzi, the director of the Consortium for Verification Technology (CVT) and a Professor of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences at the University of Michigan. ...

Build Your Startup the Right Way with This Expert Entrepreneur’s AMA Event

AMA Exponential Motion - Nano Hole Engines for Space Travel

Dec 5, 2017

I started Computer Programming when I was 9 years old. As a 16 year-old, I write computer vision software and convolutional neural networks for local companies to pay for college. AMA!

I am the music composer of the MMORPG game ''Darkfall Rise of Agon''. Ask me anything regarding music composition for games, pipelines of work, use of software/hardware etc. I am happy to provide guidance and offer my marketing and social media tips. If your thing is video games, especially sound effects and music, or you want to get into the industry then this is your AMA.

Dec 6, 2017

My name is Cayes Delpeche and my team and I are building a Quantum Secure Blockchain AMA

I'm Shiwantha who is a web based test automation consultant. I have developed a data driven automation framework using Selenium and TestNG which can be used to automate any current web application. Feel free to AMA on the framework

An Ex-IBM Engineer, Who is a World Record holder for creating the "World's Lightest Jacket", who made is brand the Most Crowd Funded Apparel Brand in India! Ask me anything!#AMA

Dec 5, 2017

We’re Hailey, Sahana, Rachel and Fran, designers and engineers at frog design. We think the female pelvic exam sucks – so we’ve set out to change it. Ask Us Anything!

Dec 5, 2017

Hi Reddit, we are M.G. Finn and Alexandre Marques, leaders of a team in the U.S. and Brazil developing vaccines against parasitic diseases. Ask us anything about a potential Leishmania vaccine and ...

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