I'm Dee, CEO & creator of 'Erase All Kittens', the first game designed to inspire young children - especially girls - to code, whilst teaching real digital skills. Ask me anything!

Dec 15, 2017

I'm a travel blogger that started travelling at the age of 19, visited 31 countries on my own, without any sponsors. Ask me anything

Dec 15, 2017

Ask me anything I am Electrical Engineer

Dec 15, 2017

Learn how TEALS Volunteers help bring computer science to high schools. Ask Me Anything.

Dec 16, 2017

I created a mobile game company that donates to fight hunger for every minute users play our games. AMA.

Dec 16, 2017

Interested in Bitcoin and blockchain? My name is Navroop Sahdev. I am here to help you understand, build and deploy blockchain technologies. Ask me anything!

Hi I'm John Mercado and I am a Developer, AMA

Dec 16, 2017

I am a serial social entrepreneur who now teaches storytelling to students in developing countries and amplifies their voices in printed storybooks. The sales of those storybooks sustainably funds future workshops. AMA!

Dec 18, 2017

Cannabis ( Tech, Tools and Investing). AMA related to our Industry, 6 + yrs experience.

My name is Saasha Celestial-One, and I'm the co-founder of OLIO, the world's only mobile P2P food sharing app connecting neighbours to stop good food from going to waste. Go on, Ask Me Anything.

Dec 18, 2017

Ask Me anything about 8K Flexwarm Heated Jackets and Vests that let you control the temperature with your smartphone.

Dec 21, 2017

Universities spend millions on accessing results of publicly funded research. Why? How do we save money and improve access? AMA

Dec 22, 2017

My name is Miguel Piedrafita. I am a 15-year old who has been doing open source work for more than 3 years. AMA

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