VR/AR is about to change the world and I am changing the way it is used to save lives. I am also an expert in Security and Automation. I am technologist, coder, architect, entrepreneur, mentor and adviser and even authored a programming language. Check out my bio, it's all up for grabs. Ask Me Anything!!!

Pieter VanIperen (Gold)
Nov 10, 2017

Pieter VanIperen is the CTO of BoonVR, a company developing on the cutting edge of VR technology.  He is a Founding Member of Code Defenders (https://www.codedefenders.com) a collective the protects the long tail of the internet, an Adjunct Professor of Code Security at NYU, a Certified Penetration Testing Engineer (Ethical Hacker) and a Certified Secure Web Application Engineer. He is also currently a resident software architect, automation and secure coding expert for a major online discount brokerage. He is a veteran programmer that has launched and guided over 20 enterprise products.  He has been a co-founder of multiple tech startups and has served as the CTO of several digital companies.  He has advised multiple startups and has worked as a technology architect and consultant to many industries including financial, insurance and law enforcement institutions. He frequently speaks at tech talks, conferences and is quoted in media. He is fluent in more than 20 programming languages and is the author of the HAZL(jADE) programming language. He specializes in solving complex and difficult problems around VR/AR, Learning Tech, ML/AI, NLP, Automation and Security. He provides vision and leadership to help develop processes, methods, and technology that are at the forefront of innovation.

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